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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 31

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 31

  • Schenectady taxpayers must play trump card on school district
  • Credit Rose for creating ‘Ca
  • Schenectady taxpayers must play trump card on school district

    It is sad reading about the behavior of the Schenectady school board and their treatment of citizens who attend school board meetings and vote for budgets and board members.

    We were always told as kids, and adults, that ultimately the voting booth is where people can make a difference. It is not only your right, but your obligation. Now we must add, “Unless you live in Schenectady.”

    Searching the local and state School Board Association Web sites, one does not readily see relationships mentioned between school board members and local voters, specifically taxpayers. However, one of the goals listed on the Web site indicates openness for meetings and information flow. I think this perception of the Schenectady school board was wiped out at the Aug. 17, meeting.

    Also, the perception of an old slogan — “Taxation without representation,” which appears in history books regarding a “tea party” — may be appropriate for the voters in Schenectady.

    In either case, the voter/taxpayer has no recourse, even in the voting booth. When voters do express their opinions, they are ignored by the school board, as exemplified in the recent replacement of a vacancy. I do not think anyone would argue that the recently appointed lady is a nice person. The point of voter support should answer the question of choosing her as a replacement. Also, I would say that her acceptance of the position does bring her credibility into question and could be perceived as having the same behavior on a par with the [other] school board members.

    If you consider all the people being written about (supposed perpetrators) in this chapter of the Schenectady school district, it could be perceived that the behavior of the person currently being detained, at least so far, is not too dissimilar from the behavior of those in administrative positions and on the board of education.

    Maybe the only recourse for voters/taxpayers, approximately 30,000 in the city, is to get together and withhold payment of taxes, or possibly get the rules changed to place the school district under the jurisdiction of the city government, as it is in other locations in the state and country.

    James Merryweather Jr.


    Credit Rose for creating ‘Camelot’

    The Kennedy legacy has ended with Sen. Ted’s death.

    They were the pillars of democratic ideals. Even with the years of tragedy, they still prevailed. Why? Because of Rose Kennedy. She was a real mother with ideas herself even when her husband, Joe, was out doing dirty deeds for his own benefit, politically and personally.

    Rose spent time preparing her sons and daughters, even with their faults, to be upstanding citizens; to represent the people of our country. Ted, John, Bob and then Eunice, who rallied for the handicapped on behalf of her sister.

    We of the age of the Kennedys mourn the loss of Camelot.

    Dianne Chagnon Burns


    Tonko’s shuck and jive on health care unappreciated

    I hope that Mr. [Rep. Paul] Tonko is finally starting to see our point when at least two-thirds of the questions asked at his Aug. 25 town hall meeting in Delmar were of the anti-government nature.

    When asked if he would sign onto the same plan that he is trying to jam down our throats, Mr. Tonko bloviated for about 15 minutes, but couldn’t give a simple yes or no answer that was repeatedly asked for by the questioner. Of course he wouldn’t.

    According to Mr. Tonko, tort reform would hardly save any money. I don’t know where he gets his statistics from, but a 2006 Harvard School of Public Health study found that “four out of every 10 medical malpractice lawsuits filed in America each year were without merit.” You do the math.

    It’s obvious that this central issue will never be part of their plan when lawyers have always been among the largest contributors to the Democratic Party. It’s called being “paid off” to keep quiet, and unfortunately is how our whole political system operates.

    Do we really want the government making life-and-death decisions for us when everything it runs turns into a fraud-ridden, wasteful black hole, like Medicaid, Medicare, the VA, Social Security, Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the post office — just to name a few?

    Chris Willox


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